Babe Fabienne Babe • Actress (France)

Our archives, our cultural heritage, have to live, to move, to be shared, to come out from their boxes and to be in the light, instead of  remaining blocked for inadequate and outdated financial reasons

Lesquibe Anne-Charlotte Lesquibe • Production (France)

Contemporary creation is rich thanks to our inheritance of the past: Keeping in mind a sensible understanding of everyone’s interest, to facilitate the access to archives, will only serve the creative drive our country is so proud of. Our French cultural exception si dear to our artists as well as our politicians, can’t live and grow any longer under the pressure of a strict and strong business attitude in the domain of art as well as the killing legislation that goes with it

Marti Stéphane Marti • Filmmaker-Teacher

Any time, works of art meet, feed and enrich each other in the long continuum of human sensibility. Facilitate access to the audiovisual archives would reactivate the hidden treasures – not to mention the locked one – and make them circulate in cinematic compositions conscious of creative freedom as much as dialogue between cultures and respect of authors.

Rao Lalit Rao • Film critic (India)

Audiovisual archives play an important role in the knowledge dissemination of film. That is why I support this charter which honors important works. Please accept the assurances of my best wishes